South River Lavender

South River Lavender Fragrant, invigorating and rich with healing properties, the appeal of lavender is universal. For over 2500 years lavender has been extolled for its restorative healing powers and evocative scent.

The Latin word "lavare" meaning "to wash" is the most commonly accepted derivation of the lavender name. There are centuries old accounts of lavender used to scent bath water and laundry.

Ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Roman and Greek cultures used lavender to treat burns and wounds and heal everything from colds and headaches to neurosis.

Its herbal disinfectant power was used as the main ingredient in potions to combat plague during the Middle Ages.

South River Lavender, lavender thru the ages

Rulers and nobles were avid for lavender scented perfume. It gradually pervaded all social classes as a sign of elegance and romantic allure.

Revered throughout the centuries, lavender remains the most versitile of all herbs. Its flowers, foliage, stems and essential oil find their way into our lives through perfume, lotions, soap, candles, sachets and of course the fragrant flowers themselves.

Photo credits: "Herbs for the Medieval Household" Margaret B. Freeman (1943)